The COVID response

The COVID response

When times get tough, we need to pivot… and pivot now.

It has been proven that during the 1930’s great depression, certain industries like cosmetics thrived, very few people could afford travel, houses, cars etc BUT people will always find money for something little and nice, something that makes them or others they love feel better.

Not many industries are as broad, robust and malleable as the balloon industry.¬†When you think about it we don’t just sell balloons, we work in the so many sectors:

  • Advertising
  • Visual merchandising
  • Events and party
  • Exhibitions
  • Retail
  • Gifts
  • Deliveries
  • Real estate
  • Film

… and the list goes on. If one of the above slows down, we are lucky enough to be able to focus on the next.

After nearly 20 years I have often been criticised for having a business that is too diverse… In truth it is this diversity that has helped us ride this and many past storms. When Australia went into lock down we lost 90 percent of our jobs overnight, we had to think quick, pivot and react. Events slowed but retail and gift started to grow.

  1. Within days our website had information about how we are following best practice social hygiene and social distancing rules with ‘contact less’ deliveries.
  2. Within weeks we launched a whole new range of online gift products suitable to a new market.
  3. We sold one of our older larger delivery vehicles to cut costs.
  4. We built a COVID barrier in our retail store so customers and staff can remain separated and all can take comfort knowing stock has not been handled necessarily.
  5. After many requests for more customised gifts, we created a form to help systemise the process (seen here). This has proved to be hugely popular with our customers.

In the past few months I have seen the average gift order values double. People are prepared to pay for excellent service and product, people pay for personalised, now is the time to lift your game and offer exceptional.


Things you can be doing now:

  • Don’t have a website? Build one! You need to control and own your content, have a space to send your customers that is not on social media
  • Have a website? Update it!
  • Create new product ranges, take beautiful photos and promote them. Always offer a price A, B and C. Customers are looking for all price points, they are more inclined to purchase AND to purchase more if they can see something
  • Create customised products and services. In this day and age, service is THE differentiating factor that will define you. Personalised and personable is your focus. Custom printed decal, on-trend product ranges, on-time deliveries, follow up calls, delivery ETA’s are the path to providing a product that is worth more than what you used to charge for it.


Chris Adamo CBA – 09/09/20

Chris portrait photo


Video from one of our first ‘COVID’ style products to help families celebrate at home.