Access expert video tutorials, industry resources and our exclusive custom built balloon design and calculating tool, ‘Balloonpro Design’.  Be inspired, learn from the best, digitally create and plan, speed up your workflow and boost your balloon business today.

5 Industry leading design tools to enhance your work flow.

Expert instructional videos, tips and tricks from Chris Adamo CBA.

Learn from a community of like minded professionals.

Expert Instructional Videos

With over 20 years experience, Chris Adamo CBA has travelled the world teaching balloon art designs, industry tips and tricks. At, we have a huge range of educational videos to help launch you into the next level of your career. Design Tool

A must have for any balloon professional. This digital design tool gives you everything you need to create and calculate balloon decor, giving picture perfect digital renders to quote and market your next sale!

Organic Balloon Decor – Arches – Columns – Duplet Square Pack – Alternate Size Pack – Linking Walls –  Volume Calculators and so much more. 

Custom Colour Library

Available for ‘ Plus’ plans. 

Our custom colour library features professional photos of beautiful on trend colour pallets. All plus subscribers can use these photos in your quotes and internal print publications.

Whats even better! you can reference the recipe on what balloons have been used to create these beautiful colour blends.

What other balloon professionals say about us

As I started my journey to becoming a balloon artist living in a rural community my only option was classes/demonstrations online. I found the Organic Garland 101 and Organic Garland 102 - Framing and Rigging gave me the perfect calculated insight and knowledge into creating beautiful organic pieces. These tutorials were an amazing educational tool for providing a great foundation in beginning my business and were more than just a YouTube tutorial you find online. They are definitely value for money and would recommend to anyone looking to take the step into the organics world.

Chris thank you so much. I learn and progress so much with your videos. Great lessons and easy to understand

The best tool in the balloon industry. Crucial and ESSENTIAL to close big decor sales, large scale installations. This sold me lots and lots of decors, especially in a culture where visualization is key to winning over high spending clients.. this did everything for me. Also a great way to train my staff in terms of how these structures are actually done, and mechanics behind it. Plus, able to get my crew to handle stock accordingly to reduce or prevent stock wastage.

Muchas gracias Chris. El ver el tutorial abrió mi perspectiva para la elaboración de guirnaldas orgánicas combinando en su justa medida los tamaños y colores para dar un efecto más estético y adecuado al entorno.​

I've used Chris's program for the past year and a half. The options are endless and suit each balloon artist's needs. The colors in the program are updated according to Qualatex's color chart. The most convenient UX feature was the ability to save the design and then re-upload it. Thank you very much for the amount of time and the headaches that you spared me! Huge fan! Highly reccomend to all balloon artists!

Thank you and a big shout out to Chris Adamo and the design tool. It helped me create the many designs for my corporate set up.. It knew exactly what it would look like, the balloon count made it so much easier. Thank you so much.

I used the app to create designs and calculate balloons, it's really fantastic! loved it.