Below are some instructional videos to assist with you getting the most out of the design tool software. If you need further help please don’t hesistate to contact us.

A quick walkthrough

Lets have a quick journey through A very fast look at most of the features and functionality of what a paid subscription will offer you.

Design Tool - Gingerbread House walk through

Chris works through the complete design process for using to create this beautiful gingerbread house.

Design Tool - Insert background image

Take your balloon designs to the next level! allows you to insert a background image to design around OR design over, using the image as a guide to assist with scale and proportion for your balloon creation.

Design Tool - Balloon Arches

Digitally sketch beautiful balloon arches in minutes! Set the design size, select your colours and design your own pattern. Export images to help realise a sale while also calculating a full stock list.

Design Tool - The Organic Calculator Tool

Quickly calculate the stock required for your organic garland. Not only will it help to prepare your stock levels but will also assist with working out your cost base and assist with quoting your client.

Account Settings

Manage and change your account information including updating your credit card details. Play this video to find out how:

Full walkthrough with Jonathan from The Balloon Guild full tutorial!

I had the great privilege of chatting with my good friend Jonathon Jonathan Fudge from The Balloon Guild ( We walked through the entire site and its functionality.