Design Tool

Digital design and calculation tools for the Balloon Professional.

Used by 1000’s of balloon industry professionals all over the world.

  • Arches
  • Columns
  • Organic
  • Balloon Walls
  • Measurements
  • Stock order calculators

Once you see how EASY this is, you’ll wonder
why you have been doing it the hard way!

Balloon Arch Design

Create your own balloon arch to size! Choose from a 4 balloon per layer or 5 balloon per layer arch, colour each balloon / layer or bulk colour to quickly see your arch come to life. Includes the new Aeropole circular arch template and all stock order guides

Balloon Column Design

Create your own digital balloon column in less than one minute. Select your colour combination use a 4 balloon per layer or 5 balloon per layer column, you can even add a 11″ / 16″ / 3ft topper and follow the stock order and production guide for easy construction.

Duplet Square Pack Design

Hailed as the easiest way to design balloon walls and large structures using the ‘Duplet Square Pack’ method. This tool allows you to quickly create your next project, calculating stock required plus export into production columns with just one button

Linking Balloons Design - 6" & 12"

Featuring a huge range of design templates. We can create structures using 6″ and 12″ linking balloons.

Alternate Size Pack Balloon Design

The ‘Alternate size pack’ design method is hugely versatile, used to create complex 2D and 3D shapes from letters, castles to mountainscape backdrops! This tool will help you design in Alternate size pack with ease. Save your design, export and print for a full production schedule and stock order list.

Balloon Industry Calculators

A foundational tool for any decorator. Calculate the following in both metric and imperial; Organic garland, Ceiling balloon calculations, balloon columns, balloon arches (swag / framed / string of pearl).

Organic Balloon Designer

An industry first, create your own organic textured digital balloon design in minutes using the full balloon colour pallet! Quickly save and export your design to be overlaid onto a photo or as its own free standing graphic. Wow your customer with customised graphics for your quotes