Organic Balloon Decor
Training Series

Chris Adamo CBA is one of the pioneers of organic balloon decor, helping to highlight and promote new textures, colours and shapes on a global stage.

With years of experience specialising in organics, Chris has released a comprehensive series of videos outlining some of his designs, tips and methods.

Organics 101

The Organic Garland

Have you ever wondered how to make an organic balloon garland?

This video allows you learn the basic principles to create amazing organic garlands. We discuss how to calculate the amount of balloons needed, construction, colour blending and different methods to create and finish an Organic Garland.

Organics 102

Introductory Framing & Rigging

This video is part 2 to our organic balloon decor series. In this video, Chris will offer many practical and professional ways to frame and rig your organic garland.

Organics 103

The Organic Hoop

Chris will walk through everything you need to know to make and self support these beautiful organic textured hoops. Run time 44 minutes.

Organics 104

The Organic Sphere

This tutorial shows everything you need to create your very own Organic Sphere. Chris discusses in detail the design, frame construction and layering methods to perfect this piece.  Run Time 49mins

About Your Instructor

Founder Chris Adamo CBA (Sydney – Australia) has over 20 years of balloon industry experience and is as passionate about this wonderful profession as anyone could be.  

In recent years Chris has been asked to teach all around the world and is driven to helping the balloon industry through quality and practical educational videos and tools.

The ‘ Design Tool’ has transformed the way we design, plan and create balloon decor. It is a huge honour and privilege to be able to share this with the wider community.

See more of Chris Adamo’s work.

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