Organics 101

The Organic Garland


Have you ever wondered how to make an organic balloon garland?

This video allows you learn the basic principles to create amazing organic garlands.

Your instructor Chris Adamo CBA discusses how to calculate the amount of balloons needed, construction, colour blending and different methods to create and finish an Organic Garland.

Video includes a supporting PDF download. Price in USD

ORGANICS 101 Trailer

Highly reccomended by balloon artists worldwide

Chris thank you so much. I learn and progress so much with your videos. Great lessons and easy to understand
Eloisa Gilbert CBA
Muchas gracias Chris. El ver el tutorial abrió mi perspectiva para la elaboración de guirnaldas orgánicas combinando en su justa medida los tamaños y colores para dar un efecto más estético y adecuado al entorno.​
Luz Blázquez Hernández

About Your Instructor

Founder Chris Adamo CBA (Sydney – Australia) has over 20 years of balloon industry experience and is as passionate about this wonderful profession as anyone could be.  

In recent years Chris has been asked to teach all around the world and is driven to helping the balloon industry through quality and practical educational videos and tools.

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