The COVID response

The COVID response

When times get tough, we need to pivot… and pivot now. It has been proven that during the 1930’s great depression, certain industries like cosmetics thrived, very few people could afford travel, houses, cars etc BUT people will always find money for something little and nice, something that makes them or others they love feel […]

Alessandro Patane CBA – The Art of Large Sculptures

Forget Masterchef, you can even forget Lego Masters! (Only just)….. In this video we interview a true artist, one of the worlds best Balloon Artists, Alessandro Patane CBA. Chris and Alessandro discuss what its like to compete on the world stage up against the best in the world, head to head in the large balloon […]

Balloons and Confetti

Balloons and Confetti go together like cheese and fine wine! We have been incorporating confetti into our designs for a decade, as a finishing touch to our Balloon-in-a-Box, in poppable balloons for Gender Reveals and Confetti Cannons that have been synonymous with New Years events.  Demand has now become so high we’re buying every colour […]